Restoring Kiawah Island’s Underground Infrastructure

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Restoring Kiawah Island’s Underground Infrastructure


The RooterNOW team was called out to the exclusive Kiawah Island for a failing sewer pipe that had been causing the homeowner issues for years. The homeowner had been put on a maintenance schedule by a local plumber: every six months = another few hundred dollars to clean out the sewer pipe. After the RooterNOW team inspected the pipe with a sewer camera, it was discovered that the roots had caused major damage, but the real problem was the sand that had infiltrated the sewer pipe through the breaks initially caused by the roots.

Within one day, the RooterNOW team had 100+ feet of 4″ diameter sewer pipe completely cleaned out, rehabilitated by the SpeedyLight UV system and back in order with zero disruption to the homeowner.

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